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Dedicated to the individual development of each student, every day, without exception

Title IX


District Policy 3225 states: "The District does not discriminate on the basis of sex in any education program or activity that it operates. The District is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the regulations promulgated through the U.S. Department of Education not to discriminate in such a manner."

Title IX Grievance and Investigation Procedures

Board Policy 3225 "Sexual Harassment of Students," which stipulates sexual harassment reporting guidelines.  Board Policy 3225P "Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures-Students" explains the reporting and investigation processes.

Title IX Training Slides



Director of HR/Title IX Coordinator
Peggy Pollock
410 Colorado Ave.
Laurel, MT 59044
(406)628-3360 ext 3352

In coordination with counselors (who can offer Title IX supportive measures to students)

The investigators are assigned by the Title IX Coordinator.  These investigators are usually school administrators that include the principal and assistant principal, but other personnel may be assigned as deemed appropriate by the Coordinator.

Decision Maker

The decision-maker may be a school administrator or other higher authority up-to and including the Superintendent.  If the subject of the investigation is the Superintendent the Board of Trustees would become the decision-maker.


Appellate Decision Maker

In case of an appeal of the Decision Maker, the appeal process would go to the next higher level which may involve the County Superintendent.