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Dedicated to the individual development of each student, every day, without exception

Section 504

Section 504 is a Federal Program that is utilized to protect the civil rights of students.


An Introduction for Parents

      The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 includes Section 504, which is applicable to all institutions receiving federal financial aid, including public schools. In essence, the law requires public schools to give disabled students a free suitable public education along with accompanying services like transportation and counseling.  The basic goal of Section 504 is to outlaw discrimination while guaranteeing that students with disabilities have the same educational opportunities and advantages as students without disabilities. Despite the fact that Section 504 was implemented in 1973, several states still lack policies or regulations in this area. A government grant program, not anti-discrimination legislation, is known as Section 504. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) keeps track of adherence to Section 504. In contrast to special education regulations, Section 504 does not offer funding to schools