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Individualized Healthcare Plan

Some common medical conditions have pre-made Emergency Care Plans, such as asthma, seizures, and diabetes. 


Other medical conditions may require more a more individualized plan. If you would like your school nurses and teachers to have more information about your student's symptoms, treatment plan, or activity restrictions, please work with your school nurse and your child's healthcare provider to complete an Individualized Healthcare Plan. See link for blank IHP: GenericIHP11.pdf


The purpose and content of an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) is to:

  • Document standards of school nursing practice
  • Document the nursing process
  • Facilitate evidence-based management of the health condition
  • Outline the relevant knowledge and actions needed by school personnel to support the student’s access to a free and appropriate education
  • Prepare for prompt responses to medical emergencies
  • Support the health components of education plans for the student
  • “Support the student's success by providing the school’s multidisciplinary team with a systematic, organized approach to meeting specific health needs” (NASN, 2017 p. 2)
  • Guide care coordination for the student
  • Serve administrative purposes by defining the focus of nursing, validating the nurse’s role in the school, and differentiating accountability of the nurse from other staff (Hermann, 2005)
  • Provide an effective vehicle for documentation of nursing delegation when permitted by state nurse practice act and state law (Sampson & Will, 2017)