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Human Resources - Pay and Benefits

Employee Pay and Collective Bargaining Agreements

There are several different job categories that provide different levels and calculations for pay.  The pay categories are classified, certified, administrative and administrative support.  Each category has a different pay scale and/or pay calculation which is explained below.


Certified staff include those positions classified under the union contract as being certified to teach within the state of Montana.  This category includes all teachers, counselors and other staff stipulated under the negotiated agreement.  The calculation for pay is stipulated in the contract, which changes from time to time so we will provide a link to the negotiated contract instead of explaining it here.  This is to reduce the chance that updates are missed when the contract is changed.




Classified staff include those staff that support the schools on an hourly wage basis and are covered under a union contract.  This category includes custodians, aides, bus drivers, secretaries and many more.  A more extensive list may be found in the agreement which is linked below.  Pay for this category is based upon an hourly rate and dictated by the negotiated agreement.  Positions are rated at a pay level which is determined by various means and difficulty of the work performed. Pay level could also be based upon the need or difficulty in finding individuals with the right experience or education and certifications needed to perform the work.  The current pay levels range from I-XI.  When a position is posted in this classification the beginning pay can be determined by looking at the Pay Level then the starting pay under "Years".  "Years" refers to the years of service within the Laurel School District.  Therefore, new employees with no previous service to the Laurel School District will begin at the appropriate level and in column "A" which is zero (0) years of service.  An employee's hourly pay rate is determined in human resources and is evaluated each year in accordance with the negotiated agreement. Each employee is approved by the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of Laurel Public Schools including the pay rate.




Administration is determined by those supervisory positions that involve student contact, which include principals, assistant principals, and administrative directors who have student contact such as Director of Student Services and Curriculum Director and the Superintendent of Schools.  The pay in this area is based upon Board of Trustee approval and includes a base salary then additions to this salary of education level, experience and years with the District.


Administrative Support

Administrative Support positions are those that are in support of student and administrative operations, but do not have student contact.  These positions include administrative positions in the district office, and some directors like the Director of Human Resources and the District Manager/Clerk.  This pay is based upon the same calculation as administration but with a different base pay, but included the same salary additives like experience, education and years with the district.+


Laurel Public Schools is constantly striving to provide affordable and competitive benefits for its employees.  This is accomplished through a series of meetings consisting of Insurance Committee made up of both administration and staff members.  

Employee Benefits Booklet for 2023-2024 School Year