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Technology - Resource Vetting & Stud. Privacy


Technology Resource Vetting and Student Privacy Protection


All staff must complete a thorough vetting process for any 3rd party resources being requested for use. 
Teachers who use resources that have passed the vetting process, but have not signed our district Terms of Service must anonymize student logins.  Anonymization allows for the student to log in to the resource without using any personal identifiable information such as name, birthday, location.  If you have concerns regarding privacy please contact your student's teacher.
Click here to view the process teachers use to vet 3rd party technology resources. 



The Laurel School district takes the protection of student data and privacy seriously.  We use multiple strategies to achieve these protections.
Level 1 Resource:  The resource does not require a student login.  No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of students is collected.(Website used for classroom research)
Level 2 Resource:  The resource requires a student login, but the teacher has anonymized the student username.
Level 3 Resource:  The resource has a signed Terms of Service agreement in place with the Laurel School district, specifically designed to protect PII.  Click here to view the list of signatories.