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Teaching & Learning with Technology


Teaching & Learning with Technology

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Technology plays a critical Role in the learning of our students and in the delivery of teaching for our staff.  The Laurel School district believes in the following goals towards our continuous school improvement towards our desired future:

  • In order to be competitive in a global environment we will experience a growing need for technological resources in education.
  • We desire to have a fully integrated technological environment from the Board down to the classroom and instruction. 
  • Students need growing exposure to career opportunities onsite, via technology and through community business partnerships


District Conversation around technology and the impact to learning circle around four primary area:

  1. Provide a safe, flexible, and effective learning environment.
  2. Engage students in meaningful curricular content through the purposeful and effective use of technology.
  3. Make available opportunities for students to apply technology effectively to gain knowledge, develop skills, and create and distribute artifacts that reflect their understandings.
  4. Ensure the district’s infrastructure supports current and emerging technological needs.