Professional Development

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Mission/Vision, Goals for Professional Development

The mission of the Professional Development Advisory Committee is to enhance and support the professional development of educators as they help all students achieve high standards of learning and academic development.  We strive to provide district personnel with quality and ongoing job-embedded activities to support our continuous school improvement goals.


Goals for Professional Development

  • provide governance support for quality development opportunities for personnel
  • focus on teachers as central to student learning, yet includes all other stakeholders in the school community
  • focus on individual, collegial, and organizational improvement
  • apply a reflective practice in teaching, learning, and leadership
  • enables teachers to develp further experience in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technologies, and other essential elements in teaching to high standards
  • is planned collaboratively by those who will participate in and facilitate the learning activities
  • is driven by a long term, continuos improvement plan
  • is evaluated regularly by the impact on teacher effectivenes and student learning
  • evaluation guides subsequent professional development planning


Professional Development Advisory Committee Members for 2019-2022

  • Primary:Marcella Bauwens, Natalie Noble, Bryan Grutsch, Jamie Garvey, Kevin Schweigert
  • Intermediate: Debbie Hogue, Lindsey McClure, Tim McKinney
  • Middle School: Melissa Cole, Michelle Cooper, Amy Caldeira, Val Nauman
  • High School: Andrea Prevost
  • Trustee: Mike Creeden
  • Administrator: Charla Wetsch, Linda Filpula, Lynne Peterson

Professional Development Links


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