Dr. Linda Filpula
Linda Filpula


Welcome to Laurel Public Schools!

I have had the pleasure of working in the Laurel School District for the past 28 of my 30 years in public education. I was a middle and high school math teacher for 10 years and an building and district administrator for 15 years before becoming Superintendent of Laurel Public Schools. I am honored to serve the students, staff and Laurel community!

As the Superintendent, I am fully committed to our District Mission Statement – dedicated to the individual development of each student, every day, without exception! It is important for any organization to have core values as a foundation upon which to build. In the Laurel School District, our foundation is firmly solidified by a staff committed to providing the best educational experience for our students on a daily basis, in and out of the classroom. All of us have a vital and important role to play in children’s lives. Teachers are tasked with helping students achieve to the best of their individual abilities and are supported by a highly qualified cadre of aides. Support staff ensure students are transported safely to school and are fed healthy meals in clean and well maintained facilities. Our building secretaries help support students, staff, and parents/guardians through their daily communications and interactions. Building administrators focus on creating a safe and supportive learning environment to develop each student’s individual potential. Our school board provides valuable oversight and guidance of our district vision and mission for the short and long term. The central office staff and I strive to provide the necessary resources and support while coordinating between all the various departments, mandates, rules and regulations to ensure we stayed focused on our mission - “dedicated to the individual development of each student, every day, without exception!” Each one of us contributes to this mission in our own capacity. We must never lose sight of our purpose– it is all about the kids!

The strength of schools is interwoven with the support of its community. If you want a better school, build a better community. If you want a better community, build a better school system. The two go hand in hand. I encourage you to get involved in our schools by volunteering to help with events and activities occurring year round. This is a fun way to engage in with students and learn more about what occurs in our buildings. You can also keep informed of “what’s happening” in the district by subscribing to my Superintendent Newsletter. We welcome parent/guardian and community involvement as it takes ALL of us working together to create a healthy and positive school and community. TOGETHER we make a difference in the lives of our kids!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or I can be of service to you.

Dr. Linda Filpula
410 Colorado Avenue
Laurel Montana 59044
(406) 628-8623