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Lynne Peterson
Graff Principal

Greetings from Graff Elementary where student learning is our number one priority. We are excited to welcome your child to an environment where reading becomes exciting, FYI, our students checked out over 9,000 books last year. 3rd grade is the year where one goes from learning to read, to reading to learn. As parents, you may notice your child becoming an expert of little known facts about EVERYTHING. That is the power of knowledge in its developing process and is wonderful to observe. This is also the time when students start to notice that they are connected to their learning. School no longer is happening to them, and they are realizing that their engagement in activities contributes to their success. One other aspect is that they will make mistakes and experience failure which is part of becoming resilient. How can one recognize achievement without experiencing failure? The parent/school team is there to guide our children through those experience in a safe, consistent manner. Together, we can prepare the next generation to be logical, prepared, adaptable and kind. So let's start this journey!

Lynne Peterson


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