Pick Up Procedure

    • Good Rule of thumb: if you do not get a legal parking spot on the west side of the school before school is let out, you will need to pick up your student in the main parking lot.
    • I know this isn’t ideal and can be more time consuming, but having kids running in front of buses, between cars, and in front of cars, as well as scattered throughout the campus, is not safe and someone can potentially get hurt.
    • Students being picked up need to wait for parents on the sidewalk of the main parking lot. They are not to be intermixed with the bus students on the front lawn.
    • During parent pick up, please be prompt and patient.


  • BUS STUDENTS: All bus students are to exit from the main office door. All bus students will be assigned a cone that will be placed outside signifying where they are to line up when their bus arrives. If the student wants to drop off their backpack, they will drop off the backpack by the cone designating their bus. Once their bus shows up, they are to line up at the cone. Once the bus stops, they will walk in a line to the bus. In the past there has been a problem with students chasing their bus as it arrives, risking injury.
    • Cone #1= Bus 14        Cone #2= Bus 15               Cone #3= Bus 16               Cone #4=Bus 17
    • Cone #5= Bus 18        Cone #6= Bus 6                  Cone #7= Bus 7                  Cone # 8= Bus 8
    • Cone #9= Bus 9          Cone #10= Bus 10             Cone #11= Bus 11

*Cone numbers may not match bus numbers because bus numbers may change throughout the year(s).

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