College Application Week

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College Application Week

College Application Week is September 28th - October 2nd.

Please take a look at this great resource booklet about Montana Guide Book to Higher Education

Apply to a Montana College or University and get application fee deferred or waived.... (based on college)

Greetings Seniors...... and Parents of Seniors... and Friends of Seniors... and Friends of Parents of Seniors.....

IF you are interested in pursuing Post-Secondary Education in the Fall of 2021....(College, Junior College, Technical College)... then the following information is SUPER IMPORTANT.

Montana Gear Up, via the State of Montana; has declared the week of September 28th - October 2nd as College Application Week.

Students in the Class of 2021 are encouraged to apply to a Montana College during this week. During this week, and this week only; some colleges may waive the application fee or defer the payment of the application fee until the student begins college.  The attached Document titled.."College Application Week 2021 Montana Data" (TO BE EDITED WHEN NEW DATA IS AVAILABLE)provides information necessary for the application process. Just because a student completes an application to college; it does not mean they have to go to college.  

Students can apply to any college, in any state, at any time, but the State of Montana, as well as many states - utilize this week to begin the process of applying to college.

If a student does not want to go to a Montana College.... they are encouraged to begin the application process for the school they wish to go to.

Please note..... we are not pushing anyone to go to college.  

But we are pushing for students to have a plan set before they graduate.

That plan could include..... starting a job, joining a branch of the military, going to Job Corp, beginning an apprenticeship or other professional "earn as you learn" aspect, attending a technical or specialty school, completing a mission for a church or group, or enrolling in a two year or four year college.  Whatever dreams you wish to chase, we want you to have a solid pathway established before graduation.

For the Class of 2021 - our goal is to have you with a set of options, and plans to complete the selection process before you graduate in of May, 2021.

Attached is important data for this process.  If a student wishes to apply to college, there is a significant amount of information students must have to complete the process.  The attachment to the communication titled..."Montana Residency Data" will request students and parents about data needed to be able to complete an application.

More information about College Application Week can be found at

As always - Mrs. Brandi Fox and I are available to meet with students.  

If you have questions, please let us know.


Have a great day!


Much, Much Much more information to come.


Please check out for more information.


Additional information can be found with the Documents attached to this page.



(Missoula, Helena, Butte and Dillon)

(Bozeman, Billings, Havre and Great Falls)

(Glendive, Kalispell and Miles City)

Private Colleges

Carroll College
Rocky Mountain
University of GF

Tribal Colleges

Aaniiih Nakoda
Chief Dull Knife
Stone Child
Fort Peck

Little Big Horn
Salish Kootenai
Blackfeet Community College


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