Montana University System (MUS)

The Montana University System (MUS) is comprised of sixteen public universities and colleges, enrolling more than 46,000 students each semester. This website is designed to provide students, parents, and the public easy access to critical information about enrolling and succeeding in the Montana University System, such as, information on preparing for college, financial aid, transfer of credits, and distance learning.

The Montana University System Website is


The Montana University System Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) provides students with the information and tools necessary to access and complete post-secondary education.  SFS accomplishes its mission through administration of regent mandated grant and scholarship programs as well as through financial literacy programs, financial aid awareness programs, and outreach programs.  SFS provides centralized default prevention and debt management services for Montana’s colleges and universities.  To learn more about what SFS can do for students, please contact us at any of the numbers listed:

Toll Free Number 800-537-7508

Director of Student Affairs:  Ron Muffick - 406-444-0369
Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Ternes - 406-444-0311

Financial Literacy and Financial Aid Outreach:
Financial Literacy Center
Outreach Services
Outreach Coordinator:  Andrea Opitz  406-444-0681
Outreach Coordinator:  Carie Kelly  406-444-7368

Scholarship Administration
Scholarship Coordinator:  Sheila Newlun  406-444-0638
Scholarship Specialist:  Sandy Matule  406-444-0605

Montana Family Education Savings Plan
Education Savings Analyst:  Amy Berry  406-444-0613

Debt Management and Default Prevention Services
Borrower Services Manager:  Cheryl Poelman-Allen  406-444-0390


Please check out the document below for information about each College and University in Montana:

Open Book 2016 Montana College Information.pdf