Graduation Requirements

Laurel High School 
Graduation Requirements







A total of twenty three (23) credits are required for graduation.

Students must meet the following requirements to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Students in extenuating circumstances are advised to review school board policy 2416 and visit with the Principal.

The following specific subjects are required of all students and are included in the required total:

l. Four credits in English

2.Three credits in Mathematics

3.Two credits in Science

4.One credit in United States History

5.One credit in Civics

6.One credit in World History

7.One credit in Physical Education and Health – 1/2 year at the 9th grade level; 1/2 year at the 10th grade level (unless excused upon the advice of a doctor).  Students being excused from Physical Education for medical reasons will be required to take units of health.

8.One credit of Information Literacy & Technology  (0.5 credits of Info Lit &  Technology required starting with the class of 2016)                            

9.One credit of Fine Arts

The above requirements are minimal standards required of all students. The three (3) credits in mathematics and the two (2) credits in science required for graduation must be completed in full year courses.  No combination of courses on a semester basis will be accepted for graduation credit. Of these credits required for graduation, a maximum of four (4) credits in music may be applied in fulfilling the requirement.  A maximum of four (4) credits in physical education may be applied in fulfilling that requirement.  No more than a total of six (6) credits can be applied towards graduation in music and physical education areas combined. 

All students must carry at least six credits each year.  If a seventh class is dropped for a study hall after the third week into a semester, a student will receive a W/F (Withdrawal/Failure) for the nine weeks and the semester, which will be calculated in the GPA (Grade Point Average). Appeals may be made to the Principal.